Tierra Unida is an exclusive distributor of ELDIN and represents its interests in Spain and Portugal.

All ELDIN electric motors are made according standards DIN, IEC, homologated by CE European Standards and offer Guarantied Quality confirmed by certificate.

You can always choose and buy standard electric motors and also purchase special version in our office and warehouse in Castellon.

We hope that you will be satisfied by high quality and clear prices of our motors.


Electrical motor repair

Stages of repair of electric motors

  1. Discovery defects.
    • ID
    • disassembly
    • Discovery causes of defects
  2. Stator preparation for winding.
    • determination and optimization winding data
    • winding of stator sections
    • electric oven annealing with automatic control
    • winding and scrubbing of stator slots
  3. Winding assembly.
    • preparation of slit insulation
    • preparation of slot gaps
    • placement of sections to stator slots
    • preparation tires and front parts
  4. Previous tests and varnishing.
    • insulation tests
    • dynamic rotor repair and balancing
    • immersion varnish and oven drying with automatic control
  5. Mounting, painting.
    • bearing replacement
    • mounting
    • painting
  6. Final tests.
    • measuring electrical characteristics, revolutions, vibrodiagnostics
  7. Additional works.
    • Spare parts: flanges, fans, legs, terminal boxes, ets.
    • PTC and PT-100 Thermostatic Installation
    • Casing and machining of shafts and flanges
    • Mechanization of brake discs
    • Coupling adjustment

Maintenance of electric motors

Electric motors are one of the most used and important components in the industrial sector. The reliability of these equipment depends very much on giving them the proper maintenance when they really need it. Reliability studies indicate that approximately 50% of motor failures are of the mechanical type and the remaining 50% are of the electrical type.

Vibratec has the necessary tools to verify both the mechanical part (vibrations, ultrasound and thermography) and the electrical part (electrical circuit analysis and thermography).

Among the electrical faults, can be divided into 5 large fault zones, which are:

  • Power circuit
  • Stator Winding
  • Motor rotor (bus fault)
  • Air gap
  • Isolation

One of the most widely used methods for the detection of electrical failures in motors is the electrical circuit analysis (MCA) motor circuit analysis.

The MCA method consists of analyzing 15 motor variables, including phase impedance, phase angle, phase imbalance, frequency current ratio, mutual inductance between rotor and stator, insulation resistance, etc. The motor is analyzed in this case as if it were, in fact it is, an electric circuit.


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